The Gypsy/Tinkers Caravan

This caravan leaves most people absolutely gobsmacked, when they realise that it was home to 16 people at the same time i.e. 14 children and their parents, composed of 11 boys and 3 girls plus the father and mother. This caravan, most often referred to as a wagon by the people actually living in them, was still in everyday use up to as late as 1986, and was originally built in the 19th century.

While some people consider the term Tinker to be offensive, the historical reality is that this term, used in its proper context, referred to the fact that back in time they were originally gifted tinsmiths – hence the term Tinker.

The Gypsy/Tinkers Caravan is one of the most astounding displays here at Cashel Folk Village. For more information please contact us.