The Entrance Museum

Many people make the mistake, when looking in through the front door, of thinking that this is the entire museum – it is, in fact, only a very small part of what is inside as the rest is situated directly out the back of the entrance building. The Entrance Museum itself contains an absolute treasure trove of artefacts ranging from 10,000 years ago up to relatively recent times.

From the 10,000 years old original giant elk antlers, to the 4,000 year old Menhir, to the ancient Bog Butter (and I believe we are the only museum in the world where you can actually hold the Bog Butter in your actual hand). Next, heading into more recent history, you have as follows; the original Croke memorial (i.e. Dr.Croke and Croke Park) and memorabilia relating to such Irishmen as Daniel O Connell, Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmet, John Redmond, and the famous Father of the Penny Dinners, Saint of the Trenches, otherwise known as Tipperary-born Fr. Francis Gleeson.

On top of all that you have an original and very rare Blueshirt uniform from the 1930s period, and an original Royal Irish Constabulary uniform. The list just goes on and on, and this is only the Entrance Museum.
On exiting the Entrance Museum, you will enter the main area of the museum at which point you are greeted with a treasure trove of Irish history.

Experience rare artefacts from Irish history at Cashel Folk Village.
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